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  Welcome to SHAPEshifters Fitness! Our mission is to enable others to achieve their weight loss, physique, athletic performance, and health goals by providing personalized nutrition and diet plans, custom training programs, health and fitness education, and targeted supplementation. **Products offered, and checkout completed, via Amazon.** Featured Products!   LATEST IN KETOGENIC DIETING Contact Us

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Individualized Nutrition & Diet Plans

What you get with an individualized nutrition and diet plan: 60-minute consultation and goal-setting session Individualized Diet Plan and Implementation Plan based upon Client Intake Questionnaire and the results of the consultation and goal-setting session 60-minute review of diet plan and implementation plan including any needed Reverse Dieting and Transitional Dieting Plans 30-minute weekly in-process […]

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Diet Plan Confusion. Which Damned Diet Plan Should I Follow?

  How Can EVERY Diet Plan Claim to Be the BEST? Diet plans are so numerous and too often contradictory.  Have you heard of the Ketogenic Diet or its cousins, Cyclical or Targeted Ketogenic Diets? What about Intermittent Fasting? Paleo? Performance Diet? Green Diet? Carb Cycling? Modified Atkins Diet? IIFYM? Bulletproof Diet? Whole30? South Beach […]

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