Krato Bands KEVLAR PRO. KEVLAR Design Makes Them the Strongest Versa Lifting Grips Straps Gloves Hooks Available. Heavy Duty Weightlifting!




Brand New KEVLAR PRO Design. Made with KEVLAR. The strongest design out there. Tougher straps & extra padding – our all-in-one grip assists help reduce grip fatigue so you can comfortably lift more weight. 1-pair pack comes with net carry bag.

Krato Bands KEVLAR PRO help you LIFT MORE weight by instantly eliminating grip fatigue. The durable, extended, self-supporting “band” makes them much quicker, more secure, and more comfortable to use than traditional straps. Extra padding in the palm helps to eliminate pressure point pain in the hand, while the firm padding on the straps helps to eliminate pain and chafing around the wrists.

The unique design and extra padding creates the perfect versa product that can be used in place of straps, hooks, grips, and even gloves. Though very durable, these Krato Bands KEVLAR PRO are light and flexible allowing them to be used for all types of training. Use these bands to help protect yourself from injuries and potential damage to the tendons within your fingers and hands that can come from lifting weights. These bands are the perfect product for beginners and pros and can handle even the most rigorous training regiments.

Krato Bands KEVLAR PRO are designed to last. Order now to enhance your training and get the gains you want to see!

Durable Heavy Duty Grip Size: 7″ L x 3.5 ” W.
Fit Size Around Wrists: SMALL = (5″ – 6″) | MEDIUM = (6″ – 7.50″) recommended (fits most individuals) | LARGE = (7.50″ – 9″).
Material: Heavy Duty KEVLAR lining and KEVLAR stitching with Non-Slip Synthetic.
Package Contents: 2 Grips (Left and Right) and Cary Bag.
Design: Double Stitching, Thick Metal Ring, Heavy Duty Woven Wrist Strap, One of a Kind Palm Padding, Thick Padding for Wrists
LIFT MORE WEIGHT – Extra grip length allows for max hold and eliminates grip fatigue – Easier, quicker, more secure than straps
THE STRONGEST GRIPS – New KEVLAR PRO design. Inner material made of KEVLAR, Double stitching made of KEVLAR, Heavier metal ring, Thicker woven strap, Anti-slip material, Padded palm, and Adjustable wrist strap
SAY GOOD BYE – To old straps, hooks, grips, wraps, and even gloves – The durability and versatility of these bands make them perfect for all exercises
NO MORE SLIPS – Safely secure and hold the weight – “Tacky material” grabs the bar – 1. Quick strap on your wrists 2. Quick wrap around the bar 3. Quick release the weight
COMFORTABLE FIT – Increased padding on the adjustable straps eliminates pain & chafing – Additional padding fixed inside the grip for extra comfort to the palm of hand



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