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Welcome to SHAPEshifters Fitness!

Our mission is to enable others to achieve their weight loss, physique, athletic performance, and health goals by providing personalized nutrition and diet plans, custom training programs, health and fitness education, and targeted supplementation. NOTE: **Products offered and checkout completed via Amazon.** The foundation of SHAPEshifters Fitness is in our very name. To achieve a […]

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Which One of These Damned Diets Do I Follow?

Have you heard of the Ketogenic Diet or its cousins, Cyclical or Targeted Ketogenic Diets? What about Intermittent Fasting? Paleo? Performance Diet? Green Diet? Carb Cycling? Modified Atkins Diet? IIFYM? South Beach Diet? Mediterranean Diet? Which one is the best? Which one is for me? How can I prevent from rebounding and regaining lost fat? […]

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