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Which One of These Damned Diets Do I Follow?

Have you heard of the Ketogenic Diet or its cousins, Cyclical or Targeted Ketogenic Diets? What about Intermittent Fasting? Paleo? Performance Diet? Green Diet? Carb Cycling? Modified Atkins Diet? IIFYM? South Beach Diet? Mediterranean Diet?

Which one is the best? Which one is for me? How can I prevent from rebounding and regaining lost fat?

The answer…NONE of them!

We do not believe in the superiority of a single diet. Instead, we believe most of the diets contain valuable components and that a combined approach is superior.

We take the very best parts of these diets and develop a blended, individualized nutrition plan founded upon individual concerns and goals.

We believe that strict adherence to an inflexible diet which does not adjust with activities, goals, seasons, and life in general will ultimately fail. People can lose weight on nearly every diet; however, people normally return to their prior lifestyle and regain the lost fat.

Our nutritional plans are living plans which we adjust in collaboration with our clients to ensure progression towards our clients’ objectives. We help our clients with “reverse dieting” and “transitional dieting” making sensible and sustainable lifestyle changes to prevent the yo-yo effect of most diets.

We further believe that people must maintain metabolic flexibility and may need to alter diet and nutritional strategies over time instead of maintaining the same diet forever.

We also partner with our clients and provide educational information and guidance so as to remove ourselves from the process in the future. We believe education and empowerment are foundational to long-term success of the individual.

We understand nutritional research can be complex and that many people just need some help getting started or pushing through a plateau. That is why we are here.

If you want assistance navigating through the complexities of nutritional research and want to receive an individualized nutrition plan, send a request for our client intake questionnaire to

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