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Welcome to SHAPEshifters Fitness!

Our mission is to enable others to achieve their weight loss, physique, athletic performance, and health goals by providing personalized nutrition and diet plans, custom training programs, health and fitness education, and targeted supplementation.

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The foundation of SHAPEshifters Fitness is in our very name.

To achieve a true shifting of SHAPE, we focus on:

Strength, Health, Aesthetics, Protection, and Energy

Strength training is integral to healthy hormone levels, reducing excess body fat, and improving metabolism.

Health must be prioritized.  Many myopically focus on macronutrients and calories but forget about the importance of micronutrients, genetics, and lifestyle factors.  We provide information on nutrition, supplementation, mobility, and more.

Aesthetics, as is beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.  We believe in helping people achieve the image of the body they have in their minds and achieve their vision of aesthetics, whether it is gaining significant muscle, getting shredded, or looking great naked.

Protection. žYou cannot train hard if you keep getting injured and fail to recover! We integrate mobility and flexibility into training routines as a form of pre-hab.  We also assist with teaching proper lifting mechanics to prevent injury from form failures.  Our training programs modulating intensity, frequency, load, and other factors as necessary.  We further emphasize recovery and encourage the use of epsom salt baths, dry saunas, yoga, and recuperative sleep.

Energy. žYou cannot train hard if you don’t have the Energy! žFood must be considered as FUEL 1st! We use žcarbohydrates when earned and needed.  We prioritize training your body to access and use stored fat.  žWe will individually calculate energy requirements and modify them based upon activity. žImproper management of energy will lead to hunger, fat gain, muscle loss, fatigue, poor concentration, and loss of motivation.


NOTE1:  Importance of personalization:  No one training or nutritional approach works for every person.  Everyone has different genetics, different likes and dislikes, different life circumstances, and different goals.  This is why we offer personalized nutritional and training programs for a wide variety of athletes and persons seeking improvement in their performance or health span.  We also provide coaching for female Bikini and Figure competitors and natural male Physique and Classic Physique competitors.

NOTE2:  Collaborative Education:  Education is key for long-term success of our clients. We partner with our clients with a goal for them to become self-sufficient so they can manage their health for the remainder of their lives.  We start off day one trying to educate ourselves out of a job.

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